Code of Ethics


TotemTech serves its clients with Native SPIRIT.

Socially-Conscious TotemTech is intentioned. Established for the benefit and good of the Native American people, TotemTech's sole purpose is to raise billions of dollars that will forever change the lives of its tribal elders and future posterity.
Propitious TotemTech is known as "The Dream Weavers". We are filled with optimism and the belief that we can contribute to a brighter future for those who benefit and play. Optimism is inherent in every aspect of TotemTech's business.
Infinite TotemTech is entertaining. TotemTech creates and services games with the broadest allure, convenience and ease – simple to understand, simple to play, and simple to win.
Reputable TotemTech is ethical. The highest standards of player protection are preserved.
Integrity TotemTech is upright. TotemTech promises to deliver in all respects of its game offerings and the ultimate purpose of its cause.
Trustworthy TotemTech is dependable. Trust is the essence on which TotemTech was founded.

Our Totem

TotemTech calls upon its totem animals to guide our company on its path to success.

Lizard LIZARD Vision, Awareness At the top of our totem is our goal, a vision of prosperity and an awareness of our social responsibilities.
Otter OTTER Balance, Welcoming Our service is open and welcoming to all nations with balanced attention.
Toad Toad Luck, Opportunity At the heart of our totem is luck, the essence of our game products and the opportunity for changing the lives of our players and beneficiaries.
Turtle TURTLE Creation, Longevity Working together as a team, we create our future and plan for the longevity of our company and service to our community.
Ox OX Reliability, Helpfulness At the root of our totem, we remember that nations rely upon us for service and we are at all times helpful.