Lottery Systems

Lottery Systems

Totem Lottery SystemsTotem Technologies is a proud vendor to Native Lands Lottery, the first national lottery game to be conducted from Indian reservations and trust land.  We use best-in-class technologies leveraged from global partners to deliver the most advanced lottery system available.  We use mobile & Internet technologies to engage existing and new lottery customers.

Totem Technologies offers both on-counter terminal and stand-alone kiosk configurations. Our system's analytic reports provide a near real time look at transactions in order to enhance terminal placement and revenue generation for our clients.

Lottery Marketing

Totem Technologies provides full marketing services to its tribal lottery clients at NO UPFRONT cost. Our marketing targets those consumers who already participate in lotteries, but with a message that is more catered to their geographic location, lifestyle, ethnicity, and even game selection by using our lottery terminals’ analytics and matching buying habits to our consumers’ demographic profiles. We leverage national media placement and the purchasing of remnant advertising space year round. The net impact to Totem’s media placement enables us to purchase 150-200% more media at the same price that would be paid in a local market by a state based lottery.

Totem uses a multi-channel marketing strategy to generate heavy consumer traffic into retail point of sale (POS) locations where tribal lotteries are sold. This allows our branding to have multiple touch points to our targeted customer. Through the use of media analytics, we measure the net effect of our marketing practices and optimize our return on media investment in pushing consumer traffic to lottery POS locations nationwide.