Paul R. Moriarity

Paul R. MoriarityPaul R. Moriarity, Chairman of the Board

Paul R. Moriarity, age 65, has almost four decades of global experience in the electronic amusement and gaming industries. Beginning in 1973 with the founding of Taito America Corporation, to give Taito Corporation of Tokyo, Japan an early foothold in the nascent video game business, he has been part of the evolution of electronic entertainment from Pong to today’s most sophisticated electronic slot machines, Internet gaming and game promotion applications. As a founder of Taito America, he helped build the company from three employees with no revenue to an $80+ million, multi-national commercial and home entertainment organization.

Upon leaving the Taito organization, Paul founded Maho Enterprises, Inc. to represent a portfolio of independent game developers in Asia and the Americas. He worked with developers to fine tune their products for specific markets and with their sales groups to expand markets from single countries to multi-national game releases. This set the standard for current gaming operations and established best practices for global gaming brands. Notably, Paul implemented a turnaround strategy for developer U.S. Games, Inc., which brought them from pending bankruptcy to development of one of the most profitable legal games of chance in the history of gaming.

In 1995, Paul joined forces with Donald J. Fiechter and formed World Touch Gaming, Inc. to service the Native American gaming market. World Touch and its affiliates have developed a myriad of products serving market segments as diverse as casinos, bingo halls, amusement skill game arcades, sweepstakes promotions, electronic pull tabs, and video lottery terminals. He has overseen all operational and financial aspects of the Company from its inception. The establishment of Visioneering Holdings, Inc. brought Paul and Donald into the online gaming arena with an advertising supported, play for free poker site and Internet advertising agency. Paul’s substantial industry knowledge and experience enable him to provide the Board with strong and capable leadership.